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In the industrial world, there are a variety of ways to accomplish product packaging. Some companies prefer to package their products in-house, while others choose to use contract packaging services such as fulfillment services and other third-party packaging services.

There are many benefits to using a fulfillment service. Smaller companies that cannot afford full-time staff for packaging and product marketing can turn to a third-party packaging service to package, market, and ship their products. When choosing between different fulfillment services, there are a variety of ways that the service can benefit a company, including:

Product design: Many service centers can create professional-looking product designs and packaging according to the branding of the company. This prevents the main company from having to hire staff members that create packaging designs and company branding. Often, third-party designs are less expensive than full-time staff.

Packaging and shipping: A fulfillment service will both package products and ship them to customers. This saves time, space, and expense in the main factory and also speeds up order fulfillment and increases customer satisfaction.

Billing: Some fulfillment centers also manage the billing associated with product sales. This saves time and money for the manufacturing company.

Web sales: Some fulfillment centers will also manage all online websites and sales. This allows the main company to focus on creating new products and manufacturing the products, rather than on the actual sale of goods. This is one of the easiest ways for a smaller company to expand without creating additional large expenses.

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