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Sometimes the packaging needs of a company are met by outside providers who specialize in packaging. Since most distributors and manufacturers need to ship products, packaging is essential. Companies who are not equipped to handle their own packaging needs hire contract packagers who are able to handle shipping more cost-effectively.

Contract packaging services are virtually the same as fulfillment services, and contract packaging services are usually offered by companies who specialize in providing their services to other companies. A fulfillment business goes beyond packaging to offer additional services like shipment, returns, and customer inquiries.

One of the most important steps in manufacturing is the packaging of a product. The packaging must be secure, especially during shipping. Specialized products like medical devices or pharmaceuticals must have packaging that meets industry standards and regulations. Most companies request custom packaging design from their contract packager so that their packaging is suited to the needs of their product and customers.

Special types of packaging like blister packaging or clamshells can be ordered in many different sizes and fit well around small items. Packagers can use thin materials like shrink wrap or thick, heavy materials like steel for certain products. Read More…Request for Quote

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Packaging can be divided into three main categories: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary packaging is what makes contact with the product. Sometimes the product has extra packaging around it, or the package itself is the only primary packaging (like a jar). Secondary packaging refers to layers of primary packaging that are used together to provide extra protection to the product inside.

Cardboard, foam, and paper are all forms of secondary packaging. Tertiary packaging, the third type, is what companies use when they are handling materials in bulk. Tertiary packaging examples include wooden pallets and shrink wrap. Some companies may need all three forms of packaging for their product, while others may need only one or a combination of two.

Most contract packaging operations provide their customers with innovative product storage and shipping solutions. They can store the product in bulk, package it, label it with the appropriate information, and ship the packaged product to retail outlets. Many contract packagers have in-house graphic design services so that they can design attractive labels for the product to make it more appealing to customers. Packaging helps to make a brand identifiable, so the design on a packaging is like a piece of advertising.

Companies that specialize in contract packaging find ways to maximize the efficiency of their operation so that the whole process if more cost-effective. Fulfillment services can be used to help manage your inventory and store extra products. This is important because many companies have limited production and storage space in their own facilities.

Contract packaging services have more time to dedicate to shipping, so they can transport goods more efficiently and cost-effectively than others. Fulfillment services are well equipped to deal with returns that could be complex and time consuming for many companies.

Another benefit of contract packaging companies is that they are experts in packaging regulations. They know how to package products in a way that meets FDA or Agriculture standards. From medical items to food products, the lack of appropriate packaging can cause huge delays and financial setbacks. A skilled contract packaging team can avoid these issues and use things like child-safe caps to protect your company from fines or lawsuits.

Most manufacturers don’t have the capacity to offer the wide range of packaging products and fulfillment services that a contract packaging company can provide. From custom packaging to colorfully designed labels and unique shapes, a contract packager can provide your business with everything that you need to distribute your products.

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