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Packaging design is the process of creating product and brand-specific packaging. Packaging design is essential to effective branding; brand recognition and prominence are increased greatly by companies that package their products creatively and effectively. The distinctness of a product’s packaging can mean the difference between its success or its failure compared to other similar products.

Good product packaging is often necessary for the protection of products while they are in transit or storage. Packaging can prevent exposure to moisture, impact or other hazards. Well-designed packaging can resist these hazards while maintaining an attractive appearance, which can increase the product’s appeal. Good packaging is especially important in point-of-purchase contexts, particularly in the case of consumer goods on retail shelves. In such situations, packaging is responsible for protecting the product and informing potential customers about the product. Packaging can also be a venue for the display of advertising copy and distinctive design elements like color, graphics and shape, all of which contribute to brand strength. Investing in packaging design can greatly increase the brand strength of a company.
Blister packs, bags, boxes, clamshell packaging, envelopes, header cards, outer wrap and tubes are just a few examples of packaging varieties. Each packaging configuration offers different advantages. Blister packs, for example, are usually clear yet durable, which allows the packaging’s contents to be visible to potential buyers. Clamshell packaging offers similar benefits, though they can be difficult to open. Packaging designers must consider every variable that will affect a potential customer’s experience with their product. Some clamshell packaging varieties have inspired a phenomenon called “wrap rage;” it is the experience of trying to open clamshell packages, which have become notorious because they can be very difficult to open. Because effective packaging design can be time consuming, and because it often requires the attention of skilled artists, writers, consumer behavior researchers and other specialists, many companies outsource packaging design to fulfillment services and other similar operations. Fulfillment services can design and produce packaging on behalf of a client, which allows for their clients to focus their entire operations on the production of their primary products instead of diverting energy to the design and production of packaging.

Western Innovations

Western InnovationsPackaging Design – Western Innovations

Western Innovations ClamshellPackaging Design – Western Innovations

Located in Denver, Colorado, Western Innovations is Colorado’s leader in automated packaging and assembly services. At our large facility in Denver, Western Innovations offers food and non-food packaging services to major vendors, along with an order fulfillment service. The food packaging area of the plant is AIB Certified, cGMP Compliant, Organic Certified, Gluten-Free Certified, and FDA Registered. Companies who choose to have their packaging needs met by Western Innovations will experience the benefit of lower overhead costs and a state of the art packaging facility that provides both quality and efficiency.

Western Innovations is a member of Contract Association Packaging (CAP) and is capable of packaging all forms of products, from liquids to solids. Packaging services include: food supplement pouched sets, capsule & tablet blister-form fill, bottling, organic encapsulation, vertical and horizontal flow wrapping, literature wrapping for bulk mail, skin packs, blister, shrink-wrap, bundling, collating, kitting, retail displays, rework and quality inspections. With all of these services and a complete order fulfillment program, there is no limit to what Western Innovations can do for your business!

In the initial stages of the packaging process, we help our clients with the packaging design so that they can sell a product that is visually appealing when it reaches store shelves. Let us help you by provided professional packaging services so that you can focus on the more profitable functions of marketing and product development for your business. Our services take the hassle out of packaging and help your goods reach consumers more efficiently. At Western Innovations, we guarantee quality and responsive performance in our packaging design, production and order fulfillment. Visit our website or call us today to learn more and get a free quote.

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